CDK-Taverna Version 0.5.1 released

I am happy to announce the release of CDK-Taverna version 0.5.1. This is more or less a bug fix release but it includes also some new worker.

The mayor work on the last couple of weeks was related to the ART2A algorithm. There I removed some bugs and added some worker which allows a better analysis of the results.

There are also two new worker which uses the Weka library. They allow a simple KMeans and an EM clustering. The “old” other Weka worker will be removed or replaced for the next release because they are no longer maintainable.

JChempaint was also removed for this release. That’s because the current cdk version from trunk does not support JCP anymore. (It will be rewritten.)

This release is usable with the Taveran version and you can install it from within the Taverna Plug-in Manager. There you have to add the following plug-in site

The documentation for this release will follow.


2 Responses to CDK-Taverna Version 0.5.1 released

  1. Mark Fortner says:

    Do you have any release notes, or feature lists for the plugin?

  2. cdktaverna says:

    Hi Mark,
    yes I have just published some release notes and a worker allocation here .

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