CDK-Taverna Release Notes

CDK-Taverna Version

– This version is created to work with Taverna

CDK-Taverna Version

From 2008-08-28

– This version is more or less bug fix release which contains only some new worker
– The ART2A classification got bug fixed
– Adding worker which analyse the results from the ART2A classification
– Use the current cdk trunk version r12084
– Now uses JFreeChart to creat some nice chart for the analysis
– Removes JChempaint because it is no longer supported from the current cdk trunk version

From 2008-05-30

– This version supports a database connection as backend for the workflows, there a postgres database is used which has the pgchem::tigress cartridge installed
– It includes an implementation of the ART2A classification algorithm
– It uses the current cdk trunk version r11215
– It contains again iterative file reader and writer

From 2007-09-04

– This version now sorted all cdk-taverna worker within one folder
– It works for the Taverna Version 1.6.1
– It includes more GUI elements for different filechooser for example
– Added more Weka worker and GUI elements for them
– Remove some nasty bugs.

From 2007-05-15

– This version firstly includes special CDK-Taverna user interfaces.
– Added JChemPaint as local Worker to draw molecules
– Added a file reader which uses the reader factory of the CDK and provides a file chooser UI
– Added some CDK-Weka funktionality to analyse data, still in experimental stage

From 2007-01-24

Mayor Changes:
– Change to Taverna Version 1.5.0 which forces also a change of the build system to Maven
– Remove all API Consumer and create Local Worker of them
– Implement some new Processors

Thomas Kuhn


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