Installing CDK-Taverna


  • The CDK-Taverna plug-in needs Java 6!!
  • Taverna 1.7.2 (download)


After the installation of Taverna you have to open the Plugin Manager from the Tools menu:

There you have to click on Find New Plugins:

Then add a new plugin site with clicking on Add Plugin Site:

Add the CDK-Taverna plugin site with the following URL:

Now Taverna should find a CDK-Taverna version to install:

Mark the check box as indicated above, and click Install to trigger installation of the plugin:

After the installation of CDK-Taverna needs Taverna a restart.

The restarted Taverna should now contain the CDK-Taverna workers.

CDK-Taverna Plugin


11 Responses to Installing CDK-Taverna

  1. Vladimir says:

    Thank’s a lot!

  2. Fernando Goffman says:

    Dear all:

    I tried to install the CDK-Taberna plugin using Taverna 1.7.2, following all the steps as mentioned in the tutorial ( It did not work, giving the message “This plugin site contains no new plugins”

    I also tried the same but after installing Taverna 2.1 beta.

    Can anyone help me?


    PD: I have Java 7 Update 17 and my OS is Windows Vista.

    • cdktaverna says:


      today I release a new CDK-Taverna Version for Taverna Now you should be able to use it within this Taverna version.


  3. Hi Fernando,

    last December we started porting the CDK-Taverna plugin to Taverna 2.x… I managed to get a CDK plugin working in Taverna 2.0, but we had trouble getting it going on Taverna 2.1, but also with 2.0 on Windows…

    Just FYI…

    Egon & Andreas

  4. Chris says:


    Just tried to install the CDK plugin using Taverna 2.1 to no avail.


    • cdktaverna says:

      Hi Chris,
      CDK-Taverna is currently not available for Taverna 2.1. Sorry. You have to use Taverna 1.7.2.

  5. Thomas G. Kristensen says:

    I’ve tried installing the CDK plugin on Taverna Workbench version The plugin claims it is installed, put I can’t see the CDK services under “Local Services”. Am I missing something?

  6. Gordon Wells says:


    I’ve been trying this out a bit, but can’t get any of the IO workers to produce output files? Not even direct read and write (say from .sdf to .mdl)?

    What could I be missing?


  7. Nick Price says:

    I too have had difficulty installing the CDK plugin for Taverna. I’m using Taverna 1.7.2 on a Windows Vista platform. I’ve followed all the steps you showed and all appears to work exactly as you indicate. However no CDK-Taverna workers appear in the menu, although the Plugin manager claims that the CDK plugin is installed.
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    • egonw says:

      Hi Nick, I only just saw this pending comment! This blog is not primarily by me, and only just approved it. Please give CDK-Taverna 2 a try!

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